Executive Director Job Description

Position Title: Executive Director                                            
Classification: Exempt
Reports to:    Board of Directors
Status:          At Will

Position Overview / Primary Function & Objective:

Provide leadership, direction, administrative management, and oversight of the Center’s programs, operations, and services provided on behalf of low-income children and families, including policy development, staffing, budget and community outreach.  To achieve the mission, vision and financial objectives established by the Board of Directors.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

  1. General Administration –
  • (Planning) Provides leadership in developing short and long-range plans and goals (organizational, financial, and program) with the Board of Directors and staff; carries out plans authorized by the Board;
  • Appropriately prioritizes needs and resulting services to be provided; anticipates and prepares for future requirements and devises contingencies; devises realistic plans;
  • Recommends policies to Board or assists Board in formulating policies for effective and fiscally prudent operations; ensures Agency compliance and implementation of policy;
  • (Evaluation and Control) Regularly reviews Agency operations as needed to evaluate and ensure progress towards established goals; assesses strategies and implements remedial measures as needed;
  • (Risk Management) Evaluates existing and proposed programs and services for exposure to potential liabilities; identifies risks and implements changes where necessary due to changes in operation, legislation, policies and procedures;
  • Makes sure the facility is maintained in a manner that is safe, healthy and in compliance with all codes;
  • (Compliance) Ensures public accountability standards and legal obligations are met, including satisfaction of all reporting requirements and compliance with federal, state and local regulations.  Maintains official records and documents;
  • (Organization of Work) Structures work in order to avoid crisis, promotes productivity, attains cost effectiveness, and delivers work on time.
  1. Financial Management and Fund Raising:
  • (Budgeting and Economic Management) Prepares and presents annual budget to Board of Directors; is accountable for operating within approved budget and containing costs;
  • Directs all financial operations of the Agency,; approves all disbursements.
  • Institutes and ensures compliance with sound accounting, investment, property management, financial control, and reporting practices, policies and procedures;
  • Oversees development and implementation of marketing and fundraising strategies to meet the revenue needs of the agency; writes annual appeal letters;
  • Participates in United Way allocation process;
  • Works with Associate Director and Development/Marketing Manager to develop donor contacts and review development initiatives and support strategies;
  • Management of major, program-focused foundation grants including identification, research, writing and maintenance of grants.  Maintain personal connection and relationship with funders.  Ensure compliance with administrative and reporting requirements.
  • Manages the CDBG process, including application and quarterly reports, as well as other relevant program grants applications, for after school and childcare programming;
  • Assists with the annual audit.
  1. Personnel:
  • Maintains a climate that attracts, keeps and motivates a diverse staff of top quality people.
  • (Supervisory Control) Provides overall control and direction for the personnel function, including participation in or approval of personnel actions such as staffing decisions, performance evaluations, and disciplinary matters; practices compliance with employment law guidelines and mandates;
  • Directly supervises the activities of the Associate Director and Marketing/Development Manager;
  • (Leadership) Promotes cooperation and team work among employees; establishes high standards of conduct and job performance for subordinates; maintains open communication channels; delegates work; leads by example;
  • Sees that an effective management team, with appropriate provisions for succession, is in place;
  • (Coordination / Collaboration) Works well with others at various levels; keeps information flowing to all appropriate parties; facilitates communication and problem solving among parties where necessary;
  • Makes recommendations for the development and / or updating of personnel policies; ensures fair and consistent policy implementation;
  • (Staff Development) Aides staff in improving performance in current job and in development and implementation of plans for professional growth;
  • Mentors staff and prospective professionals in the field.
  • (Staff Appraisal) Ensures good record of subordinate performance is maintained using the performance appraisal process; reviews appraisal information with subordinates;
  • Attends staff meetings as needed;
  1. Program Development:
  • Works with Associate Director and Program Directors to plan, implement, review and evaluate Agency programs;
  • Oversees the development of new programs to meet community needs, including identifying funding sources, developing proposals, obtaining Board approval, implementing program plans, and evaluating program efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Ensures programs and services are provided in accordance with applicable professional standards (STARS, United Way, Head Start, DCF, CDD etc.) and recommends appropriate modifications.
  1. Public / Community Relations:
  • Oversees development of materials for public relations – including brochures, advertising, annual reports and other Agency communications – and reviews for accuracy, professionalism, and consistency;
  • Formulates the SHCC mission, image and philosophy and works with the board in support of same;
  • Communicates the mission and function of the Agency to the community, legislature, and to state and community leaders and groups through public relations programs, personal contacts, and the media;
  • Establishes sound working relationships and cooperative arrangements with community groups and organizations;
  • Conveys through public forums accurate and timely information concerning childcare and youth development issues and trends;
  • Publicizes the activities of the Agency, its programs and goals;
  • Maintains positive relationships with community professional and social service groups; ensures Agency representation in the community at public and private events and relevant community meetings with other non-profits and collaborators; promotes staff participation at same.
  • Ensures the Agency’s status as a good neighbor in the community.
  • Maintains an active presence in the community to support the grant writing process.
  1. Board Relations:
  •  Maintains appropriate relations with the Agency’s Board of Directors and various board committees and sees that the Board is regularly kept fully informed regarding the Agency’s condition, needs, and all important factors influencing it;
  • Participates in Executive, HR/Nominating and Finance committees;
  • Recruits new board members and assists in their orientation and training in accordance with Board-approved process;
  • Meets with the Executive Committee and full board pursuant to a schedule of regular meetings.

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work performed by persons assigned to this position title.  They do not include all job duties performed by employees in this position, nor does every position necessarily require these duties.

Relationships and Roles:

  • Formally reports to the Board.
  • Directly supervises the Associate Director and the Development/Marketing Manager
  • Regularly meets with the Associate Director and Development/Marketing Manager as a management team.
  • Has indirect responsibility for entire staff.
  • Interacts actively with community at large, other agencies, government officials, and Agency constituencies.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Knowledge: Of childcare, youth development and social policy issues; of important community players and community politics.  Solid understanding of budgets, accounting systems, and cost allocation methods preferred.

Skills:  Strong interpersonal skills.  Excellent written and verbal communication skills.  Proficiency with computer applications, including Microsoft Word, and Excel.  Familiarity with LGL helpful.

Ability to work effectively and flexibly with volunteer boards and committees; to socialize and maintain strong relationships with key donors and donating foundations; to think creatively and analytically; to plan, monitor, implement and evaluate budgets, policies, and programs; to manage people.

Ability to organize effectively; marshal resources to achieve objectives; lay out work in a well-planned way; and delegate responsibilities and tasks in a clear manner.

Ability to structure the organization to achieve cooperation and efficiency; establish appropriate policies, practices and procedures to ensure coordination among staff and programs; fine tune on an ongoing basis.

Ability to make short- and long-range plans that are comprehensive, realistic, and effective in meeting goals; to integrate planning efforts; to translate plans into goals that guide the work of staff members.

Ability to establish an environment and processes that puts quality and professionalism first.

     Ability to manage the budget process to ensure resources are devoted to top priorities; to develop realistic budgets that are responsive to changing circumstances; to involve board and staff in budget process to ensure their understanding and commitment.

Ability to soundly manage finances; to institute appropriate policies and procedures; to anticipate financial challenges and to work with others to respond successfully. 


Education:     B.S. degree in social service or related field required.  M.A. or M.S. preferred.

Experience:    Five or more years of supervisory or managerial experience in all aspects of non-profit management and administration, including: program development; fundraising; financial, personnel and resource management; budget development; working with a board of directors; public relations; and advocacy.  Experience in program development or direct experience with children, youth and families is ideal.  Experience in social service or related field preferred.

Physical Requirements / Conditions of Work:

Position carried out primarily in a comfortable office setting.  Some local travel required.  Occasional lifting of boxes and children, weighing up to 50 pounds.  Occasional interaction with children and families exhibiting some instability in their behavior.

Email: info@saraholbrookcc.org
Subject Line: Executive Director Application